Here’s a lesson I have learned about the importance of dreaming big.

I had a coach once who gave me an assignment to write up my dream day if there were no limitations. No limitations on my current skill set, financial resources, physical abilities, personal obligations, etc. 

I struggled with this assignment big time! The best I was able to come up with was my current lifestyle but slightly elevated. Maybe I wanted a slightly nicer house, or maybe a more profitable business and a few new toys.

First, I thought of how blessed I am that my ideal day is so damn close to my current reality, but then I thought more about it and realized that I completely failed to dream big.

I am working on learning how to dream big, but I have yet to get it all figured out. Therefore, I am not really qualified to give any advice on this topic. However,  I did want to share one technique that has been really helpful to me, especially when I am feeling a bit burned out or less passionate about life and business.

“This strategy gives me much-needed perspective and motivation.”

The technique is called “Remember the future.” My coach asked me to write my five-year vision as if it had already happened. Mine literally starts as “It is a gorgeous morning on June 29th, 2026. I am 43 (!) years old. I woke up full of energy and excitement to tackle this new day.” 

It continues to describe my perfect day in great detail, from my reflection in the mirror, to my thoughts, feelings, and all of the things that I do that day and all the people around me. Every little detail. 

So when I am in a rut or feeling a bit “blah,” I pull up this piece of paper and remember the future, the vision I created. I believe it gives me much-needed perspective and motivation. 

For example, last week I was bent out of shape over something small and spent a lot of mental energy on it. When I remembered my future, I realized that the thing that I am worrying about now has no place in my future, and therefore it makes it easier to dismiss it. 

On the other hand, if there is a project that I am working on that seems too hard and tiring, remembering why it’s important to me and how it plays a key role to get me to that future vision makes the project become not so daunting after all.

I hope that it was helpful to some of you. Many of us are running around, super busy, and almost on autopilot. Sometimes having and remembering the future is what gives us that much-needed perspective.

If you have any questions for me about this topic or anything else related to real estate, don’t hesitate to reach out via phone or email. I look forward to hearing from you soon.